Dear Fellow Aphidologists,

Friends and Colleagues,

In 1981 three European aphidologists Henryk Szelegiewicz, Jaroslav Holman, and Georgy Shaposhnikov decided that aphidology will benefit if researchers meet and share their results, thoughts, and thoughts. It was an excellent beginning of a long, lasting 40 years tradition of the Internal Symposium on Aphids meetings. After these 40 years, the symposium returns to the country where it all began, to Poland. The pandemic did not let us meet in 2021 as planned and established during the last ISA in Turkey in 2017. Despite this, we would love still to treat this meeting and symposium as an anniversary one.

Therefore, we the organizing committee as well as all members of the Zoology Research Team of the University of Silesia in Katowice, we have the honour and great pleasure to invite all of you our dear colleagues and friends aphidologists to participate in the XI International Anniversary Symposium on Aphids which will take place in a wonderful Beskidy Mountains area in the Kocierz Hotel in Targanice on 11-17 September 2022.

We look forward to seeing as many of you who are interested in all aspects of the widely understood aphid research (biology, diversity, evolution, genetics, genomics, morphology, natural enemies research, pest management, phylogeny, physiology, systematics, taxonomy etc.).

All relevant information about the conference and venue you will find on, and can contact us via the site or directly on

As we would like to be as well prepared as possible to host you here in Poland, we encourage you to visit the web page of the ISA and send us a short feedback which we will treat as a preregistration contact and will give us some more detail how many of you are interested in participate and which will be the topic of your eventual contribution. This feedback will be available in the “contact form” tab.

Thank you in advance and once again welcome, with best regards and wishes,

Mariusz Kanturski,

Karina Wieczorek,

Łukasz Depa,

Piotr Węgierek,

Organizing Committee of the XI ISA